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Garage Door Repair in Palos Hills, IL

First American Garage Doors is your top choice for garage door repair in Palos Hills, IL. We provide tailored solutions to keep your garage doors in excellent condition. Whether your garage door is coming off track or your springs are worn out, our experts will diagnose and repair any problem.


Garage Door Cable Repair

Our professional technicians have the expertise and specialized tools to efficiently repair broken garage door cables. They assess the damage and replace broken cables with cables of an appropriate size and strength. Our garage door repair technicians ensure proper alignment and tension to restore the door's balance and functionality.

Broken Spring Repair

Defective springs make your garage doors harder to lift and can cause uneven weight distribution, resulting in further damage to other parts. Before the problem gets worse, contact us for garage door repair. Our technicians meticulously replace broken springs and ensure the springs efficiently offset the weight of the garage door.

Garage Door Installation

Our garage door installation services allow you to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your home. Our garage door installers use the latest installation techniques and strictly adhere to safety protocols for a smooth process. Upon completion, our installers conduct a thorough inspection and test the new garage door's performance to ensure it works flawlessly.

Garage Door Supplier

We work closely with reputable manufacturers to provide reliable and durable products that last for years. As your trusted garage door supplier, we offer a wide range of options and will assist you in selecting the best garage door to suit your style and budget.